AMT Selfie 2017

Hi I'm Anne Marie :)
Writing about myself in third person is so awkward!  Please imagine I'm just talking to you face to face.

Wait. Scratch that - I'm just as awkward in person lol! Okay, here's what I wrote:

Over the past few years I've learned to approach painting as a form of emotional catharsis. The bottom layers are often expressive scribbles, spills, drops, throws, washes, and scratches. Blank pages make me a little nervous so sometimes I intentionally spill paint just to break the ice, so to speak. The physical movement in the beginning stage releases a LOT of emotion- its a physical manifestation of feeling. I stay with the canvas as long as it takes, working with my emotions, turning them into images that are more resolved and beautiful until I feel the sense of peace and completion in my own heart. Often, this process creates a painting filled with expressive florals, figures, and patterns. One of my deepest hopes is that my paintings serve as an inspirational reminder that life is full of possibility, serendipity and magic - and even the messy parts are beautiful.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO in 2010. Resume & CV are available upon request if you're into dry reading material.

Originally from Denver, Colorado; currently I reside in the sparkling city of Dallas, Texas.